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3 in 1 timesaver!

Having a 3 in 1 stick is a timesaver, especially when I'm not looking to wear a lot of makeup. I just swipe it on my eyelids, cheeks and lips for a natural look every day. The fact that it's clean makes it even better! I have two shades right now. One on One and Luster and Blush.

Sooooooooooooo Good!

My skin loves the products in this kit! I'm so glad to find a small organic brand that makes a product that works for me. The eye cream has such a cooling effect, the serum has helped smooth out my skin, and the day and night creams make my skin feel and look refreshed and more hydrated. I waited to write a review for about a month to make sure it worked for me. I'm glad I came across this brand!

So far so good

It's been a little over two weeks since I started using the serum and it has been very good for my skin. I'm already seeing a difference in the texture, less bumps than I had before.

Excellent cream!

My skin felt better after using the cream for a few days, and it looked and felt noticeably better after two weeks. It's excellent for my skin!

Great product

I like adding a touch of sparkle to my eye makeup and this does the job easily. I just swipe the brush across my lids and let it dry. It's so easy to use.

Love Love IT!!

I love this stick! I can put foundation on in no time now! I saw the demo on Breakfast Television in February and bought it after seeing how easy and fast it is to use. I get my makeup done in less than five minutes for work now.

It's fantastic!

This skincare kit has been fantastic for my skin. I wake up with hydrated skin without any grease or heavy product feeling. I love it! After a couple of months I can see a consistent benefit to my skin.

Subtle shimmer

This is a great eyeshadow for a subtle shimmer that lasts. I bought the jasmine and dirty martini shades.

Great contour palette!

I'm really enjoying this contour palette! The variety of shades works well for me. I've been using it for over a month now, and the creamy formula helps it go on easier. I'm very happy with this purchase!

3 in 1 Mini Beauty Stix Trio
So easy to add glamour

Easy to use! I just swipe some over my eyelids, one at a time. I either use it on top of eyeshadow or instead of eyeshadow, wait for it to dry for a few minutes and then it's ready to go!

3 in 1 Mini Beauty Stix Trio
Janet D.
So versatile

Love these new additions to my make up routine. They're so multi purpose that I am inspired to use them in new ways every day.....and it always looks great!

Currently Obsessed

When I saw the name of this product was "Balm" I wasn't too sure but I took the advice of a friend who loves this product. She was so right. This is the magical product I've been missing to handle Canadian Winters. I've tried so many lotions and potions over the years and still my skin is red and dry all winter. Then came the Moisture Boost Night Balm and my skin is so plump, hydrated and calm with minimal redness. For sure 5 stars!

A quick touch of glam

I'm using the Cache colour and so far am really enjoying it to add some glamour to my look. I mostly use it as a sparkly eyeshadow but have also dotted it on top of my lipstick in the centre on the top and bottom. It goes on wet but dries pretty fast. I fan it with my hand to have it go faster. I haven't tried it on my face yet.

It's SOOO Good!

I love this mascara! It works so well on my lashes and gives me needed volume without clumping. I like that I can build on it and keep it light and natural during the day and I can layer it for longer and thicker lashes when I want.

Best Day moisturizer.

Mositure Boost day cream continues to leave a wonderful feeling under my makeup. It provides the much needed nourishment during the dry winter months. I am very satisfied with the significant results.


Just started using it so hard to tell at this point

All-In-One Serum
Tamara S.

Great serum

Great repair balm

This repair balm is really working well on my face. Two weeks in and I'm noticing smaller pores and my face is so glowy! I apply it every night and wake up to pretty skin.

Love this eye cream

I have been using this eye cream for a couple of weeks now, and let me tell you, it's hands down a great eye cream. I have fine lines and wrinkles because of aging and this cream been a lifesaver for me. I am noticing my wrinkles and fine lines are getting less noticeable. I highly recommend this !!

Love the feel!

These products are exactly what I’ve been looking for! They feel nice and light on my skin, leaving it looking softer and smoother. The coverage is great, and I find I’m not going through them as quickly as I would with other products. I would definitely purchase this kit again!

Great moisturizer

I'm really liking this cream. It isn't greasy, my skin absorbs it quickly, love it!

Foundation and Concealer

The Stix cream feels amazing on its very light and keeps your skin moisturized. Small enough to carry on vacation. I love that it's easy to apply all over face in minutes.


It's very easy to use , and it's not time consuming. It takes five minutes or less for an application. What I was mostly impressed with is that, after application there was no trace of any grease residue. Apply it and go about your business. No need to use any after touches. TRY IT.

Feels amazing on my face!

I love this moisturizer! It's not heavy at all for a night cream and makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized after. I love the way my skin feels using these products.