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Bonjou Beauty

Clean and cruelty-free

Simple multi-use makeup

Cruelty-free makeup made sustainably in small batches

Multitasking clean makeup in 5 minutes or less! Go full glam in less than 10 minutes!

Our clean makeup ingredients and process

Clean beauty matters. Find out about Bonjou Beauty's ingredients and makeup process.

Photoshoot Ready with 4 Products

Photshoot Ready with 4 Products

2-in-1 Beauty Stix - Foundation + Concealer
3-in-1 Beauty Stix - Lip, Cheek + Eye
2-in-1 Brow + Eyeliner
3-in-1 Diamond Shimmer
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Some reasons to choose Bonjou Beauty

For all skin types
Made in Canada

Vegan Makeup

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Beauty Stix

Beauty Stix

The 2 sticks you need in your life!
Our 2-in-1 foundation and concealer stick and 3-in-1 lip, cheek and eye stick.
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2 and 1 brow and eye cream

2-in-1 Cream Brow and Eye Liner

Our combination cream brow and eye liner pot will have you wondering why you haven't tried it before!
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Virtual Services

Virtual Services

It's not easy to figure out which
shade is right for you when you're
trying a new makeup brand.
We help make the decision
easier with our AI-backed virtual shade finder.

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